Breaking News-Do Not Re-post This Video Please


WRF’s media department has recently received a video from one of our sources and we are disheartened by its contents.  The footage is of Roma people running for their lives screaming for the police, as they are being chased from a group of men, wishing to do them harm.  The video is a bit graphic and we understand if you are unable to watch it in its entirety. However, this problem is growing within Europe and it is a bit concerning.  The Roma community, do not trust governments or local officials and so they do not make complaints when such acts against their persons occur and so nothing is done.  This is not only a problem for community it is a social problem, because if such acts are not reported, it will continue and spill into other communities.  Criminal acts are against the law.  The law holds order as well as the values and ethics of society.  If the laws of society are eclipsed by social bias or the ineffectiveness on the part of the government to uphold the law, then society is reinforcing antisocial behavior.

Meaning, that the acts of discrimination against a group, religion, or sexual orientation will continue until the enactment of more punishable acts are imposed that will reinforce the adequate behavior from the aggressors. For example, if a person is arrested for a hate crime and the judge states that for 30 days he or she will be forced to wear a sign in public of the crimes they were tried. As well as speak to the discriminated party and help rebuild the community he or she damaged, this will change the mind set of the aggressor and reinforce the adequate behavior in future.  The problem is that the aggressor blames the discriminated party for some unknown reason and instead of throwing them in jail, which will only increase the probability of future hostility towards whatever unspecified group it is better to locate the reasoning behind this aggression.   By locating the reason and showing the aggressor how to deal with irrational thoughts for certain outcomes that occur in one’s life.

However, it is not to say that all Roma people are victims in European society there are some that instigate the behavior and in doing so cause riffs between law abiding Roma and non-Roma communities. The problem falls within the scope of social dissidence and cultural barriers when it comes down to Roma seclusion.  The Roma character has been blemished by acts of the past and distrust is of equal measure between the Roma community and non-Roma’s.  Regardless of the current atmosphere, the act of such measures showcased in the video is a bit unsettling and a thorough and in-depth investigation should be done to appropriate the correct response in handling the situation shown.  WRF will keep you updated on the situation.

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