Myroslav Horvat and his team doing charitable work on behalf of WRF


Sunday May 29, 2018 WRF Executive Director Myroslav Horvat and team distributed boxes of donated goods to the Roma People of Ukraine. The people who attended first entered the meeting house for spiritual divine goodness with a sermon and blessing. Afterward they lined up to receive their donated bounty and they were so pleased and grateful for the blessing bestowed upon them by the WRF organization. The items handed out were slippers, clothes, toys, and nonperishable items.

WRF will be sending continual aide to the Roma communities of the Ukraine and other countries, as well.  If you wish to donate either by volunteering or monetarily (cash, money order, or cheque) then fill out the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also fill out this form if you have non-perishable items you wish to donate for distribution to the Roma people of the Ukraine.

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