Breaking News: Terrible Roma Living Conditions


The World Roma Federation sent three of its European dignitaries on a trip to Napoli Italy to inspect the Scampia Camp. The dignitaries were sadden, bereaved, and angered at the site of the inhumane conditions in which the Roma people are forced to live.  The site is not only a serious health concern it is a safety issue, as well. Scampia Camp is filled with underage children who love to play, build forts, and rough house with other children both Roma and non-Roma alike, who live right across the street from the camp.  This situation is not only a health violation for the Roma community it is a concern for all neighboring non-Roma communities also, the parallel, is that a non contained situation has eroded for so long it is now an epidemic.  The Trash heaps have multiplied and are far reaching for miles on one side of the street, imagine how much of a impact this has on the ecosystem. It takes years for trash to disintegrate and dissolve but it leaves a huge footprint that is devastating for all plant, animal, and binary life forms.  Just imagine the impact of living in bio-waste will have on the health and wellness of the elderly, disabled, and on children.  This situation is problematic for everyone living within the camp and the surrounding vicinity, WRF cannot stop emphasizing this fact.  Understandably, the local magistrate and agencies may not be equipped to handle the situation but something needs to be done.  WRF and its members have opted to work with local agencies and governments to rectify this situation but it will require functionality and a group effort on all parties involved to appropriate a viable solution.


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