5-15-2018 WRF EU Team are in Napoli Italy


Breaking News:

The World Roma Federation has sent Janusz Kopacz, Laszlo Lakatos, and Luciano Bladson to Italy to assess the living conditions and social issues affecting the Roma people within the area.  WRF will be releasing daily reports as to the situation as it is happening in Italy from the EU team prospective.  From what has been conveyed is that solutions can be found but it will require WRF to work with the local magistrate and agencies governing the county of Napoli.  The World Roma Federation is committed to providing a viable remedy to the living situation and will be disclosing their findings in the meeting happening in Napoli we will keep our readers updated and debrief everyone on the proceeds and outcomes of the meeting happening later in the week.

Below are some pictures obtained from the trip to Italy.


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