Breaking News: Roma Family Man Slain in the Ukraine


May 16, 2018, W.R.F planned and orchestrated a protest for the slain of the Roma family man whose name will not be released out of respect for his family.  The young man was murdered and very little is known on our end but an investigation into the matter is underway.  W.R.F and its members are saddened, bereaved, and disheartened by this tragedy, but the loss of life seems to be on the rise now a days and for senseless reasons.  People are embarking down a dark road or a road they believe to be paved with good intentions, but no one can ever truly know the mind of another person.  In most cases, we would use descriptive words such as monster, psychopath, and vicious animal. Words that  would be adequate in describing a man or women guilty of intent.  Nevertheless, it is the intent and the reasoning behind the intent that is ultimately the ah ha moment.

In this case, though very little is known and it is not our place to speculate as to the degree of actions leading the untimely demise of our fallen Roma comrade.  It is safe, on the other hand, to mourn the loss and to protest in the streets of Ukraine as a measure to demand justice for him and his family.  W.R.F would like to pose a moment of silence and to encourage the Roma people to look for more peaceful solutions when faced with adversarial situations.  The problem boils down to culture and society.  Unfortunately,  the bias that surrounds the Roma due to certain stigmas and antisocial behavior have been the core premise for the very acts carried out against them by non-Roma peoples. The solution, change the narrative and show the local communities that the Roma are willing to work for inclusion.  The local governments must uphold the laws implemented as it pertains to civil rights and privileges afforded to constituents of the state.  Therefore, in France if the law forbids hate and discrimination and the law describes such actions punishable by the law, then the state of France must uphold the law protecting the Roma, vice versa.

The law is not bias, it is the people who interpret the law that incorporate their own subjective biases when relaying a verdict.  Objectivity is key here, from both sides, the Roma community must learn how to survive in the society in which they live. On the other hand, society must not only protect but include the Roma as members of its society. The Roma must learn to coexist in a world that does not want them, even with knowing that fact.  If these problems continue to ensue; what happened here today with the death of this Roma family man, will happen again. Sadly, his death will not be the only loss felt by the Roma communities of the world.

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