Its Meeting Day in Napoli Italy


May 18, 2018 Napoli Italy is the location and WRF and friends are ready to give a presentation to the Scampia Camp. This camp is the designated residential area allocated to the Roma people by the Italian government. The area is not densely populated, it has potential, the only caveat is it is surrounded by debris, waste, trash, and vermin.  The plotted land, has houses built upon it, but the foundation is questionable, the structure of the houses are corroding, and roof fixtures require work and repair.  There are siteable sewage problems, no running or clean water due to damaged water valve, and a burst water main, which is not only problematic for the Roma community but all housing structures within the vicinity. The Roma people in the area require monetary and supplemental aide for the duration of the cleanup of the area.  WRF will instruct a crew to obtain permits for the removal of unsanitary items, which will be described in full length and detail to the local government for approval.

The information outlined in the above paragraph, was conveyed by WRF to the local residents along with the full description of the proposed plans and projects to be implemented at a later unspecified time in the future.  The clean up of the area is set to begin in a couple of months when we have a definitive start date, such information will be disclosed.  Until then, continue to learn about the work WRF is doing via this blog.


If you live in the Italian area near the Roma camp and wish to help feel free to send your information via the contact form below:

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