A Tragic Death In Ukraine Fueled by Racism


We are in a state of shock and extremely saddened by the recent news in Ukraine.

Please find the World Roma Federation Statement on the recent attacks in the Ukraine:

The World Roma Federation rejects all violence, and, above all, what is happening in many countries of Europe, the Roma are the target of hatred and racism. Now, watching the events, we can see that the most vulnerable people in Europe are the gypsy people.

This emerging assault and racist ideology has led people to behave in negative ways and in some ways out of character, policy needs to be changed to prevent the conditioning and programming of youths in society.

The Ukrainian government should increase cyber security, works on ways to curve internet hubs our social media outlets promoting the murder of certain population subgroups, as well as provide legal services to unsavory areas as a deterrent.

The Ukrainian government should set up a task force to carry out the agenda of curving the manipulation and conditioning of children. These individuals should be instinctual and seasoned law enforcement personnel with a track record of preventing attacks against both Gypsies and non-Gypsies.

Wake up! Wake up! Not only in Ukraine, Hungary, but everywhere in the world! Prevent these events from happening again. Perpetrators of such heinous acts should be given the most rigorous judgment!

Word Roma Federation invites all Gypsies and non-Gypsies to join the WRF bring your banners and country flag and jointly undertake a stand against violence, discrimination and inequality. Stand and advocate for legal protection. You do not have to be scholar, rich, or beautiful, come as you are and stand for Civil Rights and Freedom for all.

Do what you can in support of our cause against Hate Crimes

Let us be strong, be united, be authentic, be persistent! Whenever we talk about exclusion, discrimination, and engagement with violent events, and education is a matter of health care and other stubborn stigma in the other areas, you have to take action now and hard!
The event is not to induce war, advocate violence, but to be a peaceful organized protest against Hate.

We stand not on a political basis.

Let’s get out of the lukewarm water! Let’s do something to start at least!

The neo-Nazi groups, their operation must be done under the law. There is no opportunity for provocation. It is also necessary for the Gypsies to learn to be solid, dignified, and turn the other cheek when faced with aggression.

These extremist groups, like terrorists, are executing their attacks based on prefabricated plans. We ask and urge the justice minister to submit to legislation to classify terror acts as attacks against the Roma.

The current Ukrainian attack is the attack on 270,000 gypsies living in Ukraine. Their sins are just that they were born Gypsy. Give voice to every country, every state, town! Give voice to the opinions, sympathies, and solutions to remedy the problem. Let’s take solidarity all over the world!We call on the Ministry of the Interior and all law enforcement agencies to prevent their own devices from occurring elsewhere.
We do not want any more attacks! In many places in Hungary, Gypsies live in Ukraine, but Hungarian homeless people live in forests as well.
The activities of extremist groups must be pursued and increased through solidarity and help of the needy and vulnerable Roma and non-Roma living in poverty. In Hungary, homeless people are set on fire and beaten.
Like a domino effect it only takes one wrong move for the entire sequence to crumble. The same analogy can be used in this case, it will take one more social problem to occur to cause a rift in the system. If Ukraine fails to act on behalf of its law-abiding citizens, the entire hierarchy will collapse the social construct will fall within itself making it weak to adversaries. So, let’s stop procrastinating and build a better society for tomorrow.

Gypsies in Hungary and Ukraine should be allowed under the ethics of natural law to live anywhere in the world and no longer live in shame and fear.


To do it and move forward can only be achieved if we act uniformly. There is no chance alone. It’s like politics. Many little ones are lost, but if there is a strong base then it can be done.

We ask everyone who is willing and able to work with our organization. Empathy is a characteristic that all people should have it enables one to understand all sides of a situation free from bias.

Do not give hostile groups the opportunity to attack our people, our traditions, our identity. Unity is strength!



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