Saturday, February 23, 2019

Breaking News: Terrible Roma Living Conditions

The World Roma Federation sent three of its European dignitaries on a trip to Napoli Italy to inspect the Scampia Camp. The dignitaries were...

Polio Vaccines

Medical caravans are heading out to Roma communities and providing vaccines to those willing to participate in the program

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WRF Wants free Health Care for All Roma

The most difficult of all the social instruments used to hinder or impede the Roma besides the following issues, such as seclusion, poor housing, poverty, and no education, is healthcare. Unfortunately, the Roma bleak circumstance has made it highly improbable for them to receive medical treatment and so they go without. Which is not only crucial it is vital to the longevity of any sub class of human. The Roma without any insurance or governmental supplied medical will surely succumb to sickness and even death if something isn't done. The WRF would like you to join them in their quest of raising awareness and funds for the Roma wellness center. These centers will provide the Roma with Free health services and at home wellness checkup visits.

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